Hewlett Packard Enterprise IMC MPLS VPN Software Module with 50-node License

Manufacturer part number JF410A
Vendor HP Enterprise

Short Description
HP IMC MPLS VPN Manager Software

Providing reliable, private connections is a good way to maximize the value of your network. Virtual private networks (VPNs) enable you to use the Internet as a medium for secure data exchanges. But they must maintain minimum service levels and improve network resource utility to enable delivery of bandwidth-intensive applications such as streaming multimedia. Established MPLS VPN standards enable flexible support for proprietary and standards-based networking equipment. HP Intelligent Management Center (IMC) MPLS VPN Manager (MVM) was created to help administer these private connections. IMC MVM provides functions such as VPN auto discovery, topology, monitoring, auditing, performance evaluation, and VPN and service deployment that enable IT managers to best allocate resources. It also contains a traffic engineering component that helps operators monitor the entire network and ensure service quality by distributing suitable network resources as necessary.


• MPLS VPN resource management: the MPLS VPN Manager (MVM) provides an easy way to add VPN resources such as provider edges (PEs), customer edges (CEs), and VPNs. PEs and CEs can be imported from the basic network resources, while VPNs can be either manually added or automatically discovered.
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