DELL SonicWALL Up SonicOS Enhanced Firmware Upgrade

SonicWALL PRO 2040 SonicOS Enhanced Firmware Upgrade (Includes 1 year 8x5 Support)
Manufacturer part number 01-SSC-5705
Vendor DELL
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SonicOS Enhanced is the latest version of SonicWALL's powerful SonicOS operating system, designed for the next generation of SonicWALL firewall/VPN appliances. This new release is even more feature-rich, robust and scalable than its predecessor. Major feature enhancements in SonicOS Enhanced include multiple network interfaces and zones, WAN ISP fail-over and load balancing, policy-based NAT, object-based management, easy-to-use set-up wizards, a multi-level administrator GUI and enhanced VPN functionality.


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SonicOS Enhanced

Windows MultiPoint Server 2011 Premium, OVL-C, 1 Server Licence, Software Assurance 1 Year Acquired Year 3 AP

Windows Server 2012, 20 Device Client Access License, Educational, ENG

Red Hat Enterprise Linux 4 Sockets Unlimited Guest 1 Year Subscription 24x7 Support No Media Lic