C2G Agile RCA Audio/Video RF Modulator

Agile RCA Audio/Video RF Modulator
Manufacturer part number 41164
Vendor CablesToGO
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The Agile Modulator accepts audio/video input from any source and modulates the signal to a CATV/UHF channel of your choosing. Watch your DVD player, satellite receiver, or CCTV surveillance camera on any TV in your home. Imagine flipping to a channel on your TV, and being able to see who is at your front door or finish watching a DVD movie you started in a different room.

This modulator is designed for easy installation. Simply connect any audio/video device, choose an unused CATV/MATV channel and connect the modulator to your home RF system. Multiple Agile modulators may be cascaded to distribute multiple inputs. Digital channel display; channel memory during power outages. Ideal for homes, businesses, education facilities, restaurants, bars and clubs.



Other features

Dimensions (WxDxH)
146 x 95.2 x 31.7 mm

Weight & dimensions

226.7 g

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